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      How to Apply for a Golden Visa?

      Applying for a Golden Visa through the Amer Centre offers a streamlined and efficient process for foreign investors. With expert guidance and assistance, applicants can navigate complex requirements with ease. The Amer Centre’s professional team ensures all documentation is meticulously prepared, enhancing the chances of a successful application. Through this centre, investors gain access to attractive long term residency opportunities in the host country, unlocking numerous benefits and opportunities for themselves and their families. Choosing the Amer Golden Visa streamlines the path to securing a Golden Visa and reaping its long-term rewards. Our experienced team will guide you if you are eligible for Golden VISA in UAE and help in choosing the best fit application category for you. We will manage the whole process so that you can obtain your UAE golden visa quickly.

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      Golden Visa

      The UAE government is launching many initiatives to boost the country’s economic development and competitiveness. The government has launched a new visa system for long-term holders, the Golden Visa. This visa allows foreign nationals to live, study, and work in the UAE. This amendment attracts new foreign residents,

      What are all the requirements for Dubai Golden visa ?

      • For an Employee, must need minimum salary of 30k.
      • For an Property owner, must need 2M worth for their property
      • For an Investor/business owner, must need 2M turn over in their business.
      • For students, must need their qualification certificate with the required grade of golden visa.

      Benefits of getting a Golden Visa

      • A golden visa residence permit in the UAE is valid for ten years.
      • This visa is renewable.
      • A Sponsor is not required.
      • Can stay abroad for more than six months and preserve the validity of your residence visa.
      • A family member can be sponsored regardless of age, and a domestic worker can be sponsored an unlimited number of times.
      • Golden visa holders and their families are permitted to stay in the country until their stay permit expires, even if the primary holder of the visa passes away.

      Who is eligible for a Golden Visa?

      Now let us see the Golden Visa Category list for those who can apply for this long-term visa.

      • Entrepreneur
      • High school student
      • 10 years Investor
      • Property investor
      • Retired
      • Business and management specialist
      • Education specialist
      • Educational Field Elites
      • Health Field Elites
      • Industry and Fourth Industrial Revolution Elites
      • Engineering Specialist
      • Information Technology Specialist
      • Science Specialist
      • Scientist or Researcher having Achievement
      • Senior Scholar and Clerics
      • Law, Sociology or Culture Specialist
      • Digital Technology Talent
      • Health Specialist
      • Inventor
      • PhD holder
      • Athlete
      • People of Culture and Art: Outstanding Professional
      • People of Culture and Art: Pioneer
      • People Of Culture and Art: Superstar
      • Exceptional Talent
      • Executive Director
      • University Graduate
      • Abroad Accredited University Graduate

      Required documents

        1. Applicant passport copy
        2. Applicant one photo with white background
        3. Applicant Medical Result
        4. Current visa copy (Tourist visa or Residency visa)
        5. Sponsor Original Emirates ID
        6. Marriage/Birth certificate Attested (MOFA)

      Note: All certificates needed to be translated into Arabic (Legal translation)

        1. Sponsor Golden visa copy

      Note: Parents visa AED 5000 is required for security deposit.

      Note: For Parents residency visa-Death Certificate is required with MOFA Attested (If one of the parents has passed away)

      Note: For Parents residency visa- Ejari / Tenancy contract

      Note: NOC Letter (Required only if sponsoring one of the Parents) Example: If you are only sponsoring the mother, then you must submit an NOC Letter from the father issued by public notary (with MOFA attested).

      Note: If above 18 years – For Daughter: Unmarried Letter from Father-  (From Public Notary-UAE)

      Note: For Son-Age 18- 25 can sponsor. (Note: Study certificate is required for student profession)

      Note: If mother is sponsoring the child, NOC letter is required from father (From Public Notary-UAE)

      About the process
      • Step 1: Apply for Medical fitness under the current visa and wait for the medical result.

      Note: The age below 18 years not required for medical test, you can start from step 2

      • Step 2: Cancel your residency visa after the medical result received.

      Note: If the applicant is under tourist visa is no required for any cancellation.

      • Step 3: Apply for Golden visa
      • Step 4: After Receiving the golden visa the applicant must need to apply for New Emirates ID

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