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      How Do I Apply For A Tourist Visa?

      Securing a tourist visa for Dubai will be a cakewalk when applying through Amer Centre Al Quoz Mall. You may be a business traveller with meetings scheduled in the city or a tourist all pumped up to indulge yourself in the enigmatic city of enchantments; in both cases, Amer Centre will stand beside you, simplifying the whole process through our user-friendly website. You are just a few clicks away from acquiring your tourist visa by applying from the comfort of your home. The elimination of in-person visits is the biggest blessing. Another takeaway is that travellers can extend their stay by applying for a visa extension in dubai. Amer Centre will guide you through the process and render relentless service and expert guidance, available at every step. Invest your trust in us to make the application for dubai or uae visit visa online a seamless process and secure the visa effortlessly.

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      Tourist Visa

      A tourist visa allows an individual to enter and stay in the country up until the duration of the visa, say 30 days or 60 days, which comes under multiple entry tourist visas. The tourist visa will be perfect for those who intend to sightsee and for people who have short-term business engagements in the country. You can easily apply for a dubai or UAE visit visa online with the help of the Amer Centre. If you plan to extend your stay, then worry not; apply for a visa extension in dubai through Amer Centre.

      Let us now take a look at the requirements and eligibility criteria for applying for a dubai visit visa online to secure your tourist visa.

      Requirements for a Tourist Visa

      The multiple-entry tourist visa allows tourists to visit the UAE more than once and has a validity of 5 years. The visa holder gets to visit the destination country multiple times with the same visa until its validity period ends.

      For 5 years multiple entry tourist visa, the applicant must be having $4000 or equal currency in their bank account with savings account for the last 6 months and need to submit a Letter from bank which has to be mention about their account details and average amount holding in the same account. Always remember that when we submit the proof of fund in the bank account should be with authorized signatory.

      5 Years Multiple Entry Tourist Visa Travel Insurance validity:

      Travel insurance is mandatory for applying a 5 years multiple entry tourist visa.
      And this insurance must be under the category of international health insurance with UAE based.

      Minimum Travel Insurance validity must be 6 months to 1 year.

      The following are the documents required to apply for the multiple-entry tourist visa:

      • Passport with a validity of 6 months
      • Coloured Photo
      • 6-month bank statement
      • Round Trip Ticket
      • Hotel Reservation proof.

      Benefits of Acquiring a Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa

      Check out the advantages of securing a multiple-entry tourist visa with the help of Amer Centre, dubai visit visa online.

      • A golden ticket to explore the country more than once via dubai visit visa online.
      • There is built-in flexibility as the visa is extendable, all thanks to the visa extension in dubai.
      • The tourist visa is a one-time economical investment, sealing a hassle-free visit.
      • The multiple-entry tourist visa is inexpensive and cost-effective.
      • Flexibility in the period of stay (30/60 days) and extension through a visa extension in dubai.
      • Perfect choice for business runners.


      Tourists from around the world who meet the above-mentioned requirements are eligible to apply for individual tourist visas through dubai visit visa online. Minor females are not considered eligible unless they are accompanied by their parents. Those who are not eligible for a visa on arrival or a visa-free entry to the UAE are qualified for the entitlement of a tourist visa.


      While local sponsors or hotel reservations may be required for certain nations, sponsors are not always needed for tourist visas. It is recommended to confirm the criteria particular to your country of residence. Contact Amer center online support to check your tourist visa eligibility criteria. Amer WhatsApp 00971564231937

      No, one cannot work in Dubai on a tourist visa. Those who plan to work should apply for the relevant job or work visa.

      -In Dubai, overstaying is frowned upon and can result in consequences. Respecting the visa’s validity, duration, and extension policies is advised.

      Though the process of dubai visit visa online varies, processing periods typically take three to five business days. Expected services may be available for an additional price.

      -The process of visa extension in Dubai often requires an application to be submitted before the visa’s expiration. If you apply after the deadline, there can be fines.

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