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      Visa Cancellation

      Cancellation of Visa in Dubai: A Guide

      On the internet, you will find much information about applying for a new visa, visa renewal and tips for establishing and growing a business and more. All foreigners who live in Dubai must have to cancel their visas if they want to leave the country permanently. The Visa Cancellation has to be done by the sponsor on behalf of the expatriates. Just like starting a new life in Dubai with a lot of paper works, departing or moving back also requires a fair amount of paperwork. When you are planning a visa cancellation, it is a good idea to work with experts like Amer centre. We make sure all the procedures are followed and your visa is cancelled on time.

      How To Cancel Dubai Visa?

      You cannot cancel the visa on your own, it is the sponsor who has to cancel your visa. The application process for cancelling a visa is as follows,

      1. If you are employed in Dubai, your employer first applies to cancel your work permit. This procedure is applicable only for Inside country visa cancellation. Once the work permit is cancelled then apply for Immigration Cancellation through Amer Centre.
      2. For cancelling the employment visa, there are two options, that is Inside country cancellation and Outside country cancellations. If you do the employment visa cancellation outside the country, first apply for immigration cancellation and after the immigration, cancellation applies for labour cancellation.

      Can a Person Cancel his Employment Visa in Dubai?

      The answer is No to this question. Only the sponsor can do Visa Cancellation, whether that is an employer or an individual. In order to cancel the visa you must ask your employer or relevant authority to process your request.

      Visa Cancelling For Dependent Family Members

      If you have sponsored your family members to join you in Dubai then you act as their sponsor. So, it is up to you to cancel their residency visa. Your dependent visas must be cancelled before your employer cancels your visa. The UAE family visas of your dependents do not need to be cancelled if you are only changing jobs and will not be departing permanently. 

      If you are changing the job within 60 days then there is an option to put the dependents visa on hold with a security deposit in Immigration. Then after that, your current visa can be cancelled. After receiving the new visa you will be able to release your dependent visa from hold and at the same time can apply for a refund. The Family visa holding is available for only Dubai visa holders. Previous visa and New visa must be under Dubai immigration.

      Things To Keep In Mind Before Cancelling The Visa

      Before you proceed with Visa Cancellation and leave the country, there are a few things that you must remember to settle down,

      • Closing the bank account
      • Paying all the utility bills
      • Selling the car (if you have one)
      • Ensure you received your salaries, benefits, and settlement from your employer. Never sign any confirmation letter if you don’t have one.
      • Cancelling the tenancy contract.

      How long it takes for your visa to be cancelled?

      It won’t take long for a Dubai visa to get cancelled. Mostly, the cancellation process takes 1 or 2 working days. The process of cancelling your Labour Card may take another working day if your sponsor must do so as well, or it might take about three working days altogether. 

      Amer centre provides the fastest Visa Cancellation in Dubai and Visa Renewal in Dubai. We have experts to provide you with all the services that you are in need. Contact Amer to know more about the available services. Feel free to clear your queries with Amer centre.

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