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      General Information About Certificate Attestation in Dubai

      certificate attestation in dubai
      certificate attestation in dubai

      Certificate attestation in Dubai is a mandatory process for individuals who wish to use their educational, personal, or commercial documents in Dubai. It involves the authentication and verification of certificates by the concerned authorities, ensuring that they are genuine and legally recognized. Certificate attestation is an important step for those seeking employment, pursuing higher education, or conducting business in Dubai, as it provides assurance and credibility to their documents. The process of certificate attestation can be complex and time-consuming, requiring the submission of multiple documents to various government departments. However, with the right guidance and support, individuals can navigate this process with ease and obtain the necessary attestation for their certificates.

      Why is attestation done?

      An attestation is necessary to demonstrate the authenticity of a document, otherwise known as ensuring the document is not fake.

      Why does a birth certificate require attestation?

      To bring your child or children to Dubai, the birth certificate of your child has to be attested. The age proof of children is necessary for migration purposes and for joining them in school.

      Why Does an Educational Certificate require Attestation?

      • To pursue higher education in Dubai
      • To get the equivalent certificate
      • Get an employment visa/labour card in the UAE for most of the designation
      • To write exams for the Ministry of Health or the Dept. of Health by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, etc.

      What is the time taken for Certificate Attestation in Dubai?

      The certificate attestation process is not the same for all the documents it varies based on each document.

      What is the certificate attestation process?

      It depends on the type of document that requires verification, so attestation varies accordingly. Most countries follow the following verification process- the Home Ministry verifies the documents, the Foreign Affairs Ministry verifies the documents, the Embassy verifies the documents, and finally, the Foreign Affairs Ministry verifies the documents.

      Can someone attest to your certificate on your behalf?

      Anyone can attest to your certificate on your behalf.

      What are the documents required for attestation?

      • It should be an original document in English or Arabic (or an official translation).
      • The document must be attested by the appropriate governing bodies before submission.
      • Documents should not be laminated.

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