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      What Are the Top Reasons for Dubai’s Rejection of Family Visas?

      Dubai is the most attractive city for people from all over the world. People love to make Dubai their homeland for various reasons. This place is home to many people who either work there or live there with their families. The immigration policy and visa rules are strict and stringent. If you are planning to take your family with you to Dubai, then the most essential visa you must take is the family visa. It is a legal document that allows expats to bring their spouse, children, or other family members to Dubai. So, apply for a visa in Dubai according to the right procedure to get your visa without any delay or rejection. Today, through this blog, we will discuss the top reasons why a family visa gets rejected in Dubai.

      Reasons Why a Family Visa Gets Rejected in Dubai

      Insufficient Funds

      To apply for a family visa renewal in Dubai, the sponsor should have sufficient funds to support their family members. The Immigration Department of Dubai has set a minimum salary requirement for those who are sponsoring a family visa, which is about AED 4000 per month. If the sponsor cannot meet this requirement, his visa application may be rejected by the authorities.

      Incomplete Application

      The most common reason for the rejection of a family visa renewal in Dubai is an incomplete application. The Immigration Department of Dubai has a set of rules and requirements for applying for a visa in Dubai, and it is crucial to follow them. People sometimes tend to overlook these requirements or may not provide all the necessary documents, leading to visa rejection.

      Medical Issues

      The Immigration Department requires all family members to take a medical examination before granting them a visa. If the family member has any medical condition that is considered a threat to the public, then the visa will be rejected.

      Criminal Record

      Another reason why the family visa gets rejected is if any family member has any criminal records. Dubai is a place with a zero-tolerance policy against crime or any kind of illegal activity. A criminal record may lead to visa rejection.

      Incompatible Profession

      In Dubai, there is a strict policy regarding visa applications for certain professions. If the sponsor or any member of the family falls into one of the professions that are not considered eligible for a family visa, the visa application is rejected.


      Overstaying a visa in Dubai can lead to a ban from entering the country, and the sponsor or a family member will have their visa application rejected. Overstaying is considered a serious offence in Dubai.

      Typographical Errors

      Even a small typing error in the visa application can lead to the visa’s rejection. Therefore, it is very important to check all the information in the application before submitting it.

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