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      UAE Family Visa Guides

      A Simplified Guide to Family Visa Holding in the UAE

      Table of Contents

        Are you considering bringing your family to the UAE? Understanding the process of obtaining a family visa UAE is essential for a smooth transition. For many, this dream goes beyond just personal achievements; it is about building their world with family in the UAE. Let us now delve into the blog.

        Eligibility Criteria for a Family Visa

        To meet the family visa eligibility criteria in the UAE, you must meet certain criteria, which include the following:

        • You must have a valid UAE residence visa with a minimum salary that depends on your occupation and the number of dependents you wish to sponsor. 
        • The salary requirement varies between males and females. As for males, they must earn either a minimum of AED 4,000 per month or AED 3,000 per month with accommodation provided. Females need to earn a higher minimum salary, often AED 10,000 per month or AED 8,000 with accommodation.

        Who can you sponsor?

        You will be able to sponsor certain dependents on your family visa UAE, including:

        • You can sponsor your spouse with a valid marriage certificate.
        • Sponsor your stepchildren, biological or adopted, who are under 18 years old. (In some cases, if enrolled full-time, you can sponsor children up until the age of 21.)
        • You get to sponsor your parents under specific conditions.
        • Housemaid employed within your household.

        Documents Required for the Family Visa Application

        The following are the required documents for your family visa UAE:

        • Valid passport and visa of the sponsor (you).
        • Marriage certificate (for spouse visa).
        • Birth certificates of children (for children’s visas).
        • Proof of income and employment.
        • Tenancy contract or property ownership documents.
        • Health insurance for all dependents.

        Application Process for a Family Visa 

        The application process for a family visa involves submitting the required documents to the relevant authorities. You can contact Amer Centre, submit the documents online and experience a smooth process. Here’s a simple breakdown of the online application process:

        • First, you need to visit the website of Amer Centre (https://amerbabalfalah.com/) and create an account.
        • Next, choose your desired family visa type (spouse, children, parent, etc.).
        • Complete the online application form accurately.
        • Upload all the necessary documents.
        • Pay the applicable fees securely through the online portal.
        • Submit your application and track the status through the Amer Centre website.

        In most cases, the online application process for a family visa does not require biometric data collection or a medical examination.

        Once approved, you will receive notification and instructions on collecting the visa or downloading an e-visa, which depends on the visa type.

        Tips for a Smooth Dubai Family Visa Application Process

        Ensure a smooth family visa application with the help of the Amer Centre itself. Gather all the necessary documents beforehand and carefully review the requirements. The following are tips for a hassle-free application:

        • Ensure all documents are complete, accurate, and translated into Arabic if necessary.
        • Apply for your family visa well in advance of your desired arrival date.
        • Double-check visa validity to ensure it covers your family’s intended stay. At Amer Centre, we have family visa renewal in Dubai services. 
        • Consider seeking professional guidance from a visa specialist or contacting the Amer Centre for complex applications.

        We also provide family visa renewal services in Dubai. 

        Benefits of Holding a Family Visa in the UAE

        A Dubai family visa opens the door to a world of possibilities. The following are the family visa benefits

        • Family Reunification: You can live, work, and study in the UAE along with your loved ones.
        • Long-Term Stability: With a family visa, you can stay longer than when you hold a tourist visa. 
        • Educational Opportunities: If you are planning to sponsor your children too, then they will get the opportunity to attend the local schools or international institutions in Dubai.
        • Healthcare Access: Dependents on a family visa get access to the UAE’s excellent healthcare system. 


        Navigating the process of obtaining your family visa UAE requires careful planning and attention to detail. By understanding family visa eligibility, gathering the necessary documents, and diligently following the application process, you can successfully bring your family to Dubai’s welcoming and dynamic world. 

        Contact Amer Centre soon for visa services including Dubai family visas, family visa renewal in Dubai, UAE residence visa, and more. Contact our customer care on WhatsApp at 0564231937.

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