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      Visa Stamping UAE Medical Time

      How Many Days Will It Take For Visa Stamping After Medical In The UAE?

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        It seems like someone has passed their medical test for visa UAE. Congratulations, and we know you are very excited and looking forward to your Dubai dreams. But the next important question is, ‘How long will it take to get the actual visa stamped in the passport?’ The time that will take for visa stamping in the UAE feels like an eternity and can be overwhelming, especially after all the paperwork and preparation are done. If you are planning to reside or work in Dubai, understanding the visa stamping process is crucial. 

        In this blog, you will understand the process, the timelines, and some tips for efficient visa processing.

        Understanding Visa Stamping: Its Significance

        Visa stamping is the most essential and final step in obtaining your UAE residency visa. It involves attaching the visa to your passport. It indicates your eligibility to enter and stay in the country legally. It serves as official documentation of your visa approval and is an essential part of residency and employment purposes. 

        After you pass your medical test and complete all required documents, your application will be sent for final approval. Once the application is approved, the visa gets stamped onto your passport, which means you are officially granted residency status.

        Steps Involved in the Visa Stamping Process

        1. Medical Test: Check with Amer Centre if they handle this directly or if you need to visit a Dubai Health Authority (DHA) approved clinic.
        2. Medical Results Submission: The authorised medical centre (or you) will forward your test results to Amer Centre (or directly to immigration).
        3. Document Verification: Amer Centre will review your medical reports and cross-verify the information provided with immigration authorities to check their completeness and eligibility.
        4. Visa Approval and Emirates ID Application: Once everything is verified, Amer Centre will facilitate visa approval and likely guide you to apply for your Emirates ID which serves as your residency permit. you will be notified and may be required to pay fees.
        5. Emirates ID Collection: You will be notified when your Emirates ID is ready for collection, marking the completion of the visa stamping process (although there won’t be a physical stamp in your passport). The final step is your passport getting stamped with the visa UAE, officially granting your residency.

        Visa Processing Timeline in the UAE

        The processing time of visa UAE stamping can vary depending on various factors, namely:

        • Type of visa
        • Efficiency of the immigration authorities
        • Other unforeseen delays

        The average processing time for visa stamping in the UAE ranges from 3 to 5 working days. Certain types of visas can sometimes extend the wait.

        Factors Affecting Visa Stamping Duration

        There are several other factors affecting the timeline for visa stamping, which include the following:

        • Completeness of your documentation
        • The volume of applications that are yet to be processed. 
        • Administrative procedures or security checks required by the immigration authorities

        Ensuring your documents are accurate and complete can help speed up the process.

        Understanding UAE Immigration Procedures

        For a smooth visa stamping experience, you must familiarise yourself with UAE immigration procedures. You can visit the official UAE government website or consult a reputable visa processing agency like Amer Centre. You can rely on us for the latest information or contact us to learn about potential changes. We will guide you through the process and look at your application.

        Tips for Efficient Visa Processing

        • Double-Check Your Documents: You should ensure all paperwork is complete, accurate, and meets the required format. 
        • Utilise Online Services: There are UAE Visa online services, which make it easier for you to navigate the process of your visa in the comfort of your home.
        • Seek Professional Help: For professional guidance, rely on Amer Centre. Say goodbye to complexities and speed up the process of your visa UAE with us.


        There is a phrase called ‘Patience is a virtue.’ It applies to the visa stamping process also. Understand the steps, be prepared beforehand, and seek professional assistance from Amer Centre Al Qouz Mall.

        For the latest updates about Visa Stamping follow our Social media page or visit your nearest Amer Centre. You can also contact our customer care WhatsApp Number at 0564231937.

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