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      Establishment card process dubai

      What Is An Establishment Card And Why Do You Need One?

      You may know how to establish a company. Now is the time to talk about the next steps in starting a business. There are a few things you need to take care of before you start a company, like hiring employees, issuing invoices, receiving payments, and more. Today, let us know about establishment cards in Dubai. It is not the only name of the document; this card is also known as a CEC, computer establishment card, or CIC (company immigration card). If you want to know more about this card count of Amer center.

      What Is Establishment Card?

      The establishment card is just like a bank card that specifies information about your company. This includes the name of your company, card number, and expiration date of the card. Establishment Card Dubai is issued by the Immigration Authority of the Emirates, where your company is registered. The card is not issued by the registration authority but by the immigration authority. For example, the registration authority will request the immigration authority when you apply for an establishment card through the Amer Center or registration authority.

      Establishment Card Processing Time

      After submitting the Establishment card request through Amer center within 4 working days you will receive an Establishment card softcopy through email. Nowadays there is no original hard copy of the Establishment card. It always keeps the soft copy the same as a trade license.

      Establishment Card Period

      For the Establishment Card under Dubai, immigration is issued only for a time period of one year. For more queries, contact the Amer Center, an establishment card service provider in Dubai.
      With the help of an establishment card, you can apply for a resident visa for both yourself and the employer. Once the card is issued, the authority will send a soft copy of the document to your registered email address. In case of renewing the card after its expiration date, the authorities will impose a late renewal penalty fine. If you want to know more about the establishment of an immigration card in Dubai, feel free to get in touch with our professional consultant team. Amer center, New Visa in Dubai service provider is delighted to assist you and help you get the best service to get Immigration Card Establishment Card Dubai.

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