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      What You Need To Know About Dubai Visa Stamping

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        Dubai is a dream place for most individuals to work and live. All the people who intend to be employed require a Dubai Visa Stamping application. For stamping applications, you must possess a medical card. According to the new rule stated by the Federal Authority of Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP), citizens can now submit a single unified application to get both their emirates ID and residency visa. This eases the application process and will lessen the application time. Amer centre will help you get your visa stamping application without any hassles for your employees or business partners. 

        What Is Visa Stamping?

        The last step to complete while changing the immigration status to resident is the Dubai Visa Stamping application. To complete this process a medical card is required as a prerequisite. Before making your visa stamping application the person must obtain a medical certificate and card from the ministry of health or Dubai health authority. If you are the employer then you need to complete this process. A visa stamping application is required for employees to legally work in Dubai. Seeking the service of Amer centre will make this process efficient and simple. 

        At the present moment, there is no stamping of the visa on a passport, each person must submit an application for stamping of the visa. Once the application has been approved, the applicant will receive Emirates ID within a week. Everything related to a residency visa is now handled by the Emirates ID card, even for travel purposes. Obtaining a residency visa requires a visa stamping application.

        What are the important steps in visa stamping?

        A visa stamping application is required for employees to legally work in Dubai. As the last step to changing the immigration status to resident It requires a medical certificate and card from the Ministry of Health or Dubai Health Authority. After the completion of the medical examination, the results are usually sent to the relevant immigration authorities for review. After reviewing, the visa approval and stamping process will be done. After approval, it will be notified, depending on the circumstances, via email, SMS, or through your sponsor. After receiving notification, you are able to download the soft copy of residency visa through ICP UAE App or contact Amer center WhatsApp support 0564231937 can help you to access your current visa copy.

        It’s important to note that processing times may vary depending on the type of visa and circumstances related to your application. Apply for a new visa in Dubai with Amer Center. As the best and No.1 visa services in Dubai, we promise a trustworthy, convenient, and hassle-free visa processing experience.

        Dubai Visa Stamping: Requirements and Duration

        The following documents are required for Visa Stamping in Dubai.

        • Copy of passport
        • Applicant One Photo
        • E-visa copy
        • Emirates ID application
        • Applicant Medical result
        • Sponsor’s Emirates ID
        • IBAN Number of Sponsor’s Bank Account

        Dubai Visa Renewal

        Depending on the employer the residency visa will expire in 2 years. This visa could be renewed only if both parties decided to keep their employee and employer relationship. It will also expire if you live outside Dubai for more than 6 months.

        Grace Period

        After the expiry date of the employment visa, every individual is offered a grace period of 30 days. However, it is always advisable to start the process well in advance so that fines are not imposed. There is another important point to be kept in mind here: if you delay renewing your residency visa, you are subject to a fine not only with Immigration but also with the Emirates ID application.

        How Many Days Will Take For Visa Stamping After Medical In UAE

        The time taken for visa stamping after a medical examination in Dubai varies based on visa type and processing speed. Get the professional and expert guidance of visa services in Dubai for the application of a new visa in Dubai. Nowadays the UAE government has changed the rule that visa stamping is physically not required on passports. Only we need to keep our Original valid Emirates ID while traveling.

        In UAE Residency visa stamping application is still required for those who are under residency visa in Dubai. And the medical is required only after the Entry permit e-visa approval (First stage for Dubai Residency visa). Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is providing different options that we can choose for medical result time. That is considered as VIP Medical Service. In Dubai Health Authority normal medical result duration is within 24 hours that you can choose as VIP Medical to receive medical results within 30 minutes time from the medical test.

        After receiving the medical result, the next stage is to apply for Emirates ID and Visa stamping. The Emirates ID Authority will process your Emirates ID Card only after you receive the Residency visa soft copy, no need to stamp your residency visa physically on passport. Visa stamping application will be approved within 48 hours from the date of submission. The Residency visa application status you will be notified through email and SMS from GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF RESIDENCY AND FOREIGNERS AFFAIRS-DUBAI (GDRFA-D).

        How do applicants obtain a visa stamp application in Dubai?

        Your visa stamping in the UAE requires the submission of an application. Once the application has been approved, the applicant will notify through email and SMS with the attached copy of the new residency visa. Now there is no visa stamping physically on a passport in the UAE. But every residency visa holder must submit the application for visa stamping and get approval, without Visa stamping approval you will not receive the original Emirates ID card in UAE.

        If you are in doubt about where to get the Dubai Visa Stamping application you can contact the authorities or visa specialists of Amer centre. You can also complete this process online from the website of Amer centre. Or else visit the Amer centre in the Al Qouz Mall to get your visa stamping application after paying the required stamping fee.

        To get your visa stamping application, visit amer center inside Al Quoz Mall-Bab al Falah Document clearing services. We are providing Amer VIP Services to receive your residency visa approval without any delay.

        Get complete guidance for your visa processing service with professional visa services in Dubai. Get hassle-free visa stamping with Amer Center. Or for more information, visit your nearest Amer Center. Or Contact our customer care WhatsApp 0564231937

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