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      Sponsoring visa for Spouse in Dubai

      Eligibility For Sponsoring Spouse in Dubai

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        Dubai, a city renowned for its grandeur and endless possibilities, warmly embraces individuals from around the world who seek to build their lives here. If you are a resident of Dubai and eager to unite with your spouse, we’re delighted to guide you through the process of sponsoring your spouse’s visa, opening doors to a future filled with shared dreams, love, and adventure. Whether you hold UAE nationality or a valid residency permit, Dubai offers a well-defined pathway for sponsoring your spouse’s visa. The process ensures a smooth and hassle-free transition, allowing you to embrace a lifetime of love, companionship, and shared accomplishments in this vibrant metropolis. Amer Centre Visa Services in Dubai is here to guide you through the process of sponsoring your spouse.

        Sponsoring Your Spouse

        Sponsoring your spouse’s visa is now possible, with some requirements. The government of Dubai has made it easier now. Expats are so happy to stay with family now, and this increases productivity. So, if you ever wish to sponsor your spouse, then there are some criteria that you must meet. First, you should have an authentic marriage certificate. It would be ideal to translate the certificate into Arabic. For help with this visa process, you can seek help from Amer Centre Visa Services in Dubai.

        Requirements for Sponsoring Spouse

        Sponsoring a spouse in Dubai has changed due to changes in immigration requirements. For expats to qualify for residency, they must earn at least AED 4,000 a month.

        Depending on the category of the sponsor there are many additional requirements. You will have to apply online for sponsorship through the Department of Naturalization and Residency in Dubai, the first step in the sponsorship process. In addition to providing copies of your husband and wife’s passports and after the Entry permit approval the dependent can arrive in UAE or if they are inside the country, they can change status directly without exit in the country. After the Entry permit the applicant must do any relevant medical clearance certificates (Dubai Health Authority or MOH).

        The third step is to finish the Emirates ID Application. And move to the final step to make an Actual Residency visa.

        The Important documents are related to their relationship certificate, that is for spouses we need to submit a marriage certificate or Birth certificate.

        Both of these certificates need to be submitted by Sponsor with the Attestation of the Ministry of foreign affairs. Another important document is considering a sponsor salary certificate or Employment contract.

        The minimum salary must be mentioned AED 4000 in the contract.

        If you have met these requirements, you can then apply for a visa, meaning your spouse will need to have a residence permit.

        Documents Required

        There are certain documents that are required to sponsor a family member’s stay in Dubai.

        • The sponsor’s passport must be valid for at least six months.
        • It should also be attested to by the Ministry of foreign affairs in the home country and the UAE
        • The sponsor’s spouse must be legally married. (Marriage certificate)
        • A birth certificate is required to sponsor a child.
        • The minimum salary must be mentioned as AED 4000 in the contract.

        A sponsor may also apply for residence permits on behalf of sponsored children and stepchildren; however, the sponsor must obtain the biological parent’s No Objection Certificate before applying. Following the stepchildren’s application, the UAE government will issue them one-year residence permits, which Dubai applies for annually. In addition, single women can sponsor children. However, they must present a certificate of no objection from the father as well as other necessary documents in such cases. A sponsor’s income is also an important requirement; if the sponsor is employed, they must earn at least AED 3,000 annually in addition to accommodation provided by the company.

        Amer centres at Al Quoz Mall provide Residential Visa Services in Dubai for those who are planning to visit or reside in the United Arab Emirates. They offer a wide range of services, including New Visa in Dubai, New Emirates ID Dubai, visa application processing, visa extension, and visa cancellation, among others. Amer Centres aim to provide a hassle-free and efficient visa processing experience to applicants while ensuring the highest level of professional service.

        For more up-to-date information about Sponsoring your Spouse, visit your nearest Amer Center. Or Contact our customer care WhatsApp 0564231937

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