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      Residency Visa for Parents

      Requirements for Getting a Residency Visa for Parents

      For all those expats who are thinking of bringing their parents to Dubai, here is a guide for getting the Residency Visa for Parents. Now let us see the step-by-step process so you will get an idea of how to sponsor your parents in Dubai. This visa can be sponsored by a son, daughter, son-in-law, or daughter-in-law. Applying for a new visa in Dubai for your parents is done via the Amer Centre or typing centre. Visit the nearest Amer centre, submit your documents, and wait for the approval of the Residency Visa for Parents via text message.

      Age Restrictions and Eligibility Criteria for Parent Residency Visas

      Secure a residency visa for parents seamlessly with Amer Center. It requires careful consideration of age restrictions and adherence to specific eligibility criteria. There is a minimum age for sponsoring parents to get a new visa in Dubai, and it can vary based on the specific regulations set by the authorities in Dubai.

      An expatriate employee can sponsor his parents for a year’s stay by paying a deposit as a guarantee for each parent, as stipulated by the respective immigration department. They cannot sponsor only one of their parents; they need to sponsor both parents together.

      In case if you want to sponsor one of the parents, there is NOC Letter is required from another parent (Mother or Father). In case of any parent is deid, then you need to submit the death certificate while submitting the application for parent residency visa.

      Main Documents Required for sponsoring a parent in Dubai?

      Now a days for sponsoring a parent, the minimum salary criteria has been reduced from AED 20000 to AED 10000.

      And Documents would be

      -Relationship Certificate (Affidavit from issued country consulate in Dubai) with MOFA attestation.


      -Death Certificate with MOFA attestation is required. If sponsoring a single parent.

      -Ejari or Tenancy contract is required.

      -Sponsor Bank statements of 6 months.

      Ejari or house rental contract is required for Sponsoring parent?

      In Dubai, Ejari or house rental contract with 2BHK is mandatory for sponsoring a parent.

      How to apply more than 1 year for parent residency visa?

      Normal residency visa holders can apply only for 1 year’s residency visa for their parents. But it can be renewal for every year.

      Income And Employment Verification

      Discover how to effortlessly secure a parent residency visa in Dubai with Amer Center. The process of getting a residency visa for parents involves meticulous attention to income and employment verification. The sponsors are required to demonstrate a stable and sufficient income to support their parents during their stay in the emirate. It typically involves submitting income certificates, employment verification letters, recent payslips, and related documents.


      • Bring both parents: It is recommended that they bring both parents, otherwise, they need to provide a death certificate, divorce certificate, or any other valid reason for applying for a new visa in Dubai. All these certificates must be attested by the UAE Embassy in the home country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE with a legal translation in Arabic.

      • Affidavit: (Dependency Certificate) attested from your Consulate stating that you will be responsible for the sponsored parents and their well-being, should be fully attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and translated into Arabic.

      • Original Tenancy Contract: The tenancy contract must be attested through Ejari, or a registered tenancy contract and electricity bill if you live in other Emirates.

      • Sponsor’s Salary: The sponsor must have a valid residency visa and a minimum salary of AED 10,000 monthly.

      List of required documents

      • Original Emirates ID of the Sponsor
      • Passport and residency visa pages of the sponsor and sponsor spouse (with at least 6 months of validity)
      • A valid salary certificate if the sponsor is a semi-government, government, or free zone employee.
      • For partner or investor visa holders, the company or personal statement for the last six months is required, in addition to the trade licence copy list and the memorandum of agreement.
      • A valid labour contract if the sponsor works in the private sector.
      • Registered Tenancy Contract of Ejari
      • Parent’s passport copy and a photo with a white background. The passport copy must be valid for a minimum of 6 months, as must the current visa (if inside the country).
      • Certificates of consanguinity should be obtained from their respective consulates and must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of the UAE, and translated into Arabic.
      • A national ID card is required for parents of Pakistani, Afghani, and Iraqi nationalities.
      • IBAN number of the sponsor account
      • An account statement for the past three months with the seal of the bank. The online print will not be accepted.

      Explore The Validity Period And Renewal Process For Parent Residency Visas

      Depending on the specific regulations, the initial validity of a residency visa for parents can vary. It’s essential to renew the parent’s residency visa after expiration. The renewal process involves submitting updated documents, including proof of continued financial stability, accommodation arrangements, and a valid relationship with the sponsored parents.

      Parent Visa Fees

      To sponsor parents, the employed expatriate resident must earn the minimum salary stipulated and obtain a medical insurance policy for parents with the minimum coverage stipulated for each, to be renewed each year. The cost of residential visa services in Dubai varies depending on the duration and the sponsor’s visa type. However, for sponsoring the parents the visa charges are same as under family visa category charge. The residency visa validity will be granted only for 1 year. And in other case If the sponsor is holding golden visa can able to apply golden visa for their parents for 10 years that is same as sponsor golden visa.

      Normal residency visa holder can apply only for 1 year Residency visa for their parents, and it can be renewable for every year.

      The specific cost of residential visa services in Dubai may also depend on the sponsor’s circumstances, such as being a UAE citizen or a valid residence visa holder, and meeting minimum income requirements. While submitting the application for parent residency visa every sponsor must be pay the warranty fee of AED 5000.

      Do we need to pay any warranty fee for sponsoring a parent?

      There is a warranty fee which is AED 5000 is required for every residency visa holder who wants to submit the residency visa application for their parents.

      Tips For A Smooth Application Parent Residency Visa Process

      • Familiarise yourself with all the requirements.
      • Prepare comprehensive documentation.
      • Ensure that all required documents are accurately prepared and up-to-date.
      • Stay informed about fees.
      • Initiate the process well in advance of the visa expiration date to avoid any last-minute complications.
      • Plan for medical examinations.
      • Keep track of visa validity and take advantage of online resources provided by the immigration authorities.
      • Seek professional advice from an experienced Amer Center if needed.

      The visa application process can take time. Be patient, and address any issues promptly.

      To get the most accurate and current information on new visa in Dubai and parent visa fees, it is recommended to directly consult the Amer centre authorities.

       connect with amer center  WhatsApp number +971 56 423 1937.

      Amer centres at Al Quoz Mall provide residential visa services in Dubai for those who are planning to take their parents to reside in the United Arab Emirates. They offer a wide range of services, including a new visa in Dubai, visa application processing, visa extension, and visa cancellation, among others. Amer Centres aim to provide a hassle-free and efficient visa processing experience to applicants while ensuring the highest level of security.

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