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      Sponsoring a Child in Dubai

      Frequently Asked Questions About Sponsoring A Child in Dubai

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        Investing in Dubai continues to be a hub for investors, and the emirate is often considered a second home by investors. Not only Dubai provides an environment for business but also offers a family-oriented life with equal opportunities for men and women. The government has made policies and rules that are designed to suit the requirement of all sections of society. As single mothers, raising their children is a challenging task. The government has recognized such women’s efforts by allowing them to bring their children to the UAE legally. You can make the process simpler and faster by taking advantage of PRO services in Dubai. In this article, we will take a look at some of the key requirements for single mothers interested in Sponsoring a Child in Dubai 

        How much does a single mother need to earn in Dubai to sponsor her child?

        Any mother, married or single looking to sponsor her children in Dubai, UAE needs to meet certain salary requirements. Women can only sponsor a child in Dubai if she earns a minimum monthly salary of AED 4000. If the mother earns a minimum of AED 3500 plus company accommodation still she can sponsor her children. In order for a woman to sponsor her child in Dubai, she must provide a valid employment contract as evidence of her salary eligibility. For the Sponsorship Transfer in Dubai, she must achieve all these criteria.

        Can you sponsor a child in Dubai if you are in a specific profession?

        There are no specific professions women should have for Sponsoring a Child in Dubai. Dubai has scrapped the previous requirement that women had to be in certain professions in order to sponsor their children’s visas. You can learn more about the eligibility requirements for visa sponsorship by contacting companies that offer PRO services in Dubai.

        If I sponsor my children in Dubai, do I have to pay a deposit?

        When a sponsor is on a partner visa / Investor visa required to pay a security deposit of AED 3000 for each child (Up to AED 15000 only). When you cancel the visa you will have the amount refunded. Approach Amer centre,  we provide reliable service and offer more advice. 

        The Key Requirements for Sponsoring Your Child in Dubai If You Are Divorced

        Single mothers sponsoring children in Dubai should also submit the custody verdict of their children to a court if they are already divorced. To obtain UAE attestations, you need to contact the UAE Embassy abroad and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

        These are some of the frequently asked doubts about Sponsorship Transfer in Dubai. Contact Amer centre for any queries related to sponsoring or Visa Services in Dubai. We have experts to clear your doubt and provide you with the best advice.

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