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      Visa for New Born Baby

      Types of Visas Available for Newborns in Dubai

      Table of Contents

        Secure a new visa in Dubai for newborns seamlessly with Amer Center. Understand the available visa options and the associated requirements for ensuring a smooth transition and legal residency status for your child. With the assistance of Amer Center, get responsible services related to new visa in Dubai, residency visa for new born baby in Dubai etc.

        For Newborns, the validity of the sponsor to make a residency visa is 120 days.

        Within 120 days the sponsor must be make Residency visa for the newborn baby in Dubai. If there is no plan to make residency visa for newborns then baby must be leaving the country within 120 days. Otherwise, there will be fine imposed on baby’s record. Before leaving from UAE baby must be get an out pass which is issued by Immigration with a specific date of validity.

        How to make Newborn baby Residency visa in Dubai

        The first step is for the newborn baby residency visa is to apply for Emirates ID Application under the category for Newborn baby.

        Documents required for Newborn baby Emirates ID Application.

        • Child Passport
        • One Photo
        • Sponsor Original Emirates ID
        • Sponsor Passport
        • Father passport copy
        • Child Birth Certificate

        After submit the Emirates ID Application, the sponsor must apply for direct residency visa under the category of newborn baby.

        Documents required for Newborn baby Residency visa

        • Child Emirates ID Application
        • Child Passport copy
        • Sponsor Original Emirates ID
        • One Photo
        • Sponsor Employment salary with Minimum of AED 4000.
        • Birth Certificate
        • Sponsor Residency visa & Passport copy
        • NOC letter from father is required, if mother is sponsoring the child.

        Visa Application Fees and Processing Times for Newborns in Dubai

        Get acquainted with the associated fees and processing times for a seamless immigration process to get a visit or residency visa for a new born baby in Dubai. Visa application fees for newborns can vary based on the type of visa and other specific circumstances. Understand the processing time to ensure timely approvals from reliable sources. Amer Center is here to assist you with efficient visa application services for visit visas as well as residency visas for new born babies in Dubai.

        Tips for a Smooth Newborn Visa Application Process in Dubai

        Here are your tips for a smooth newborn visa application process:

        • Early Planning: Initiate the visa application process well in advance by considering suitable visa types.
        • Required Documentation: Gather all necessary documents and check their accuracy, including the newborn’s birth certificate, passport, etc.
        • Get Professional Assistance: Consider seeking professional assistance or seeking guidance from the relevant authorities to solve queries and stay updated on the latest regulations.
        • Planning Budget and Timely Submission: Be aware of visa application fees and associated costs. Allow sufficient processing time and regularly check the status of the visa application.

        Adhere to these tips for a smooth and successful visa application process for your newborns.

        Renewing or Extending a Newborn’s Visa in Dubai

        There is no extension available for newborn baby to apply for residency visa.

        The newborn baby must be do the emirates id and residency visa before 120 days.

        In case of any delay to make residency visa for newborn baby the fine will be start after finishing the 120 days. In case of any delay, for Emirates ID per day it will be count as AED 20 and maximum fine will be come as AED 1000.

        In the meantime, for Residency visa, fine will be count as per day AED 50 till continue until the visa will get approved.

        In the Immigration system there is no residency visa renewal for the category of newborn baby residency visa.

        Once the residency visa is issued, later the renewal time it will consider as normal residency visa renewal.

        The visa renewal process typically requires gathering updated documents, such as a renewed passport, and any additional paperwork specified by the immigration authorities. For detailed information, get the assistance of Amer Center by online searching ‘Amer Center near me’.

        Stay informed about any changes in visa regulations, processing times, or requirements through official channels or the Amer Center to avoid any last-minute complications.

        To know more about Residency Visa For New Born Baby. book your appointment at our Amer centre today. Or for more up-to-date information, visit your nearest Amer Center. Or Contact our customer care WhatsApp 0564231937

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