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      Residency Visa Process

      Getting a Residency Visa: Rules, Benefits, and more

      People from different parts of the world love to relocate to Dubai for different purposes. If you are interested to relocate to Dubai then acquiring a residency visa is the only way. It is important to ensure that the legal status you obtain will allow you to accomplish your objectives when moving to a new country. Not all the visas are same. Now let us see different information about residency visas and the Residency Visa Process.

      Difference Between Residency Visa and Employment Visa

      If you are planning to relocate to Dubai the first thing you must do is apply for a work permit application to enter the country from the Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratisation (MOHRE). It is an entry permit that your company must obtain for you so that you can enter the Emirates. The work permit is only valid for 2 months from the date of issue and within the given time you must try to convert this work permit into a residency visa. If you are seeking to work in Dubai then your employer must sponsor your Residency Visa Process and bear the cost of all the procedures.

      Types Of Residency Visa 

      Residential Visa Services in Dubai are available for foreigners who are planning to settle in the UAE are,

      • Work Visa: It is for those who are working in a Dubai-based firm or for the Emirati government.
      • Investor Visa: For people who are planning to invest either in business or property in Dubai.
      • Student Visa: For students who go there to study at universities.
      • Family Visa: For family members of residents or UAE nationals.

      Benefits of a Residency Visa

      A residency visa will open a lot of doors for each foreign citizen. Now let us see the reasons why you must consider a residency visa,

      • Access to driving license
      • Personal bank account
      • Access to healthcare

      How To Obtain Permanent Residency?

      Most resident permits in Dubai are valid for either one, two, or three years, based on the situation. For investors who invest at least 10,000,000 AED in public-sector projects, form new companies, or seek specialized talent in medicine, arts, science, engineering and more, the Gold Card category offers ten-year.

      Residence Visa Rules & Regulations

      Residents of all countries, except Emirati nationals and citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council, must obtain the proper residency permit before they can stay in the UAE. In contrast to other countries, where applying for a residence visa outside the country where you wish to settle is required (such as the EB-5 visa in the United States), within the Emirati territories you can complete the process of obtaining a residence visa. Applying for an initial entry permit is different from obtaining a residency permit.

      The Dubai Residence permit allows you to live there for two years if you own a property worth more than 1 million dirhams. It should be noted that this Investor Visa does not grant you a work permit, and you are not allowed to spend more than six consecutive months outside the UAE. If you are starting a business in Dubai and don’t have employer sponsorship. You can obtain both a work permit and employment visa by establishing your own company. These are some of the rules you must keep in mind during the whole Residency Visa Process. 

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