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      UAE Re-Entry Permit Application

      How Can a Re-Entry Permit for UAE Residence Be Applied After 6 Months?

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        The UAE government has launched a new re-entry permit for all residency visa holders who stayed outside the Emirates for more than six months and can return to the country now. According to the government, residents can apply for a re-entry permit if they have a specific reason for their stay. The General Directorate of Residency and foreigners affairs (GDRFA Dubai) has allowed people to submit an application for a return permit for residents outside the UAE.

        The authority states that people can apply for this request after 180 days of staying outside. When the application gets approved, the applicant must enter the country within 30 days, starting from the day of approval. The only exception to the rule is for all Golden Visa holders, who can stay abroad for a long time without affecting their residency visa or status.

        Everything You Need to Know About the Return Permit for Residents Outside the UAE

        Who can apply for the re-entry permit?

        People who have a valid UAE visa and who have been outside the country for more than 180 days can apply. Before applying, the applicants must make sure that their visa status is active and their residency has not expired.

        Requirements for Applying for a Re-entry Permit

        • applicant’s passport copy
        • Applicant visa copy
        • Proof of reason
        • Original Emirates ID of Sponsor
        • Passport and Visa copy of the sponsor
        • Sponsor Bank Account IBAN

        How much does the service cost?

        The issuance fee for this service is Dh 738.90 (The fee may vary depending upon Govt. the fee)

        Will the issuance fees be refunded in case the application is rejected?

        The application fees will be refunded if the application is rejected by the authority.

        And how much will be refundable completely depends upon authority.

        What reasons are accepted for staying outside for more than 6 months?

        At the time of making the request, the applicant must choose the reason and submit the proof.

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